20 Sensational Black Kitchen Design Ideas

The Little Black Dress of kitchen design, classic black appliances possess a certain je ne sais quoi with a high impact haute couture style that’s here to stay.

A breakaway from the ubiquitous white kitchen, designers are calling this sophisticated look ‘kitchen noir’ and ‘industrial luxe’. In the article ‘Rise of the Black Kitchen’, The Wall Street Journal cleverly coined this transformative design trend The Dark Age, noting the industry-wide shift to an inverse palette:

“Led by the recent popularity of trophy stoves such as the black-enameled cast-iron models by upscale European manufacturers AGA and La Cornue, American appliance companies are also embracing the dark side.”

In concept, it might sound oppressive, but when balanced artfully a black kitchen can create a spectrum of moods, from edgy steam punk to elegant and cozy.  Bewitchingly bold and beautiful, black appliances are gender-neutral in color and bring instant glamour and atmosphere to a room.

Take a look at our gallery of Top 20 Sensational Black Kitchen Design Ideas featuring our upscale AGA, Marvel and Heartland kitchen appliances. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the image and get more product details.