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New and improved Swiss-made AGA Stainless Steel has not only been designed to create perfect dishes every time, but retain its stylish appearance for years to come. Offering superior 18/10 stainless steel, the new AGA stainless steel pans have a heavy Superthermic encapsulated base which provides outstanding energy efficiency and conductivity. Use on any heat source including induction. This is functional kitchenware no AGA owner can live without.

3-Piece AGA Stainless Steel Casserole Pan Set

AGA Stainless Steel Casserole Set
Includes one each of 1.5 quart, 2 quart and 3 quart casserole pans with lids. Internal capacity markings, laser etched, in pints and liters.


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AGA Bakeware | SAG-AG233

Hard Anodized AGA Baking Tray
Designed to fit on the runners of the AGA ovens, use the Hard Anodized AGA Baking Tray to maximize space.  No need to put these trays on the grid shelf, simply use all on their own.  Made of heavy gauge aluminium. Will not warp or buckle. Not dishwasher safe; must wash by hand.  13″ x 18″ .


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AGA Legacy Cookware | SAG-A036402

13″ x 18″ Baking Tray
Enameled Steel, Designed to slide smoothly in the grooves on the wall of the ovens. Fits LEGACY Large Oven.


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AGA Bakeware | SAG-W2787

Half-Size Enameled Baking Tray
Two will fit one in front of the other in the AGA cooker ovens. 9″ x 13″.


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Was $53.00

AGA Professional Range Cast Iron Griddle Plate
Even heat for grilling, frying, and toasting. 10.25″ wide by 20″ deep, it fits securely over the left-hand grates. For use on the AGA Professional Self-Cleaning Range.


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Was $280.00

AGA Bakeware | SAG-W1963

AGA Loaf Pan
Great for baking smaller 2-pound loaves, this AGA loaf tin provides even baking with no hotspots.  Give each loaf the AGA logo with this reversed logo engraved in the pan.  Made in England of silver anodized metal. 8″ x 5″ x 4″.


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Was $81.00

Full Size Grill Rack
Fits any Full Size AGA Roasting Pan!  Excellent for grilling vegetables, roasting meats and poultry or adding elevation when broiling foods.  May also be used as a cake rack.  A must have essential for every kitchen!  10″ x 15″ x 1.5″ deep.


Now $38.00
Was $76.00

AGA Cookware | SAG-A1843

AGA Toaster
11″ diameter metal wire mesh toaster makes perfect AGA toast everytime!  Simply insert several pieces of toast, close and place atop the boiling plate.  Crunchy on the outside and moist in the middle.  An AGA kitchen essential!


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Was $74.00

AGA Cookware | SAG-A2312

Half Size Grill Rack
Fits any Half Size AGA Roasting Pan!  Excellent for grilling vegetables, roasting meats and poultry or adding elevation when broiling foods.  May also be used as a cake rack. A must have essential for every kitchen!  6 3/4″ x 10″ x 2 1/2″ .


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Handy Rack for for Legacy Range


Now $25.00
Was $50.00

Wire Rack for Tall Oven in 36″ Legacy Range

One rack.


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Was $5.00

Bake-O-Glide is a revolutionary non-stick coated material proven in the catering industry for its excellent non-stick properties, its durability and its ability to be reused time and time again. It is the perfect product for the cholesterol conscious person who still wants to enjoy delicious food without the need for fats. Cook meat, poultry, fish, eggs, cakes – you name it – on the non-stick surface without the need for oils or butters. Save space and money as Bake-O-Glide replaces the need to use parchment paper, aluminum foil, wax paper and more! And, Bake-O-Glide washes easily and stores perfectly!

AGA Bake-O-Glide | SAG-W1493

AGA Bake-O-Glide Cooks Set
A necessity for every kitchen, the AGA Bake-O-Glide Cooks Set of liners is designed to fit the half and full size roasting pans, the plain shelf, and the Simmering Plate on the AGA.  Dishwasher and freezer safe and suitable for use on all cast iron AGA ranges including microwaves.  Not for use on the Boiling Plate.


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Inspired by ten decades of rich heritage of the AGA cast iron range and years of refining the AGA textiles, we have produced this beautiful range of ‘iconic’ textiles. With the instantly recognizable icon, the cast iron AGA is arranged in a colorful geometric pattern. The collection is printed onto superior canvas cloth selected for its robust quality and attractive weave, enhancing the lines of the design. Terry cotton features in the make-up of the gauntlets, double oven gloves, chefs pad and pot grab giving flexibility, comfort and the best possible heat protection when coupled with the steam and grease barrier of impermeable nylon. Made in the U.K.

AGA Cookware Textiles | W3135

Iconic Apron

  • Featuring a large double pocket cleverly created within the join of the two fabrics
  • Adjustable neck strap


Now $26.50
Was $53.00

AGA Cookware Textiles | SAG-W3137

Iconic Double Oven Glove

  • Steam and grease barrier for maximum protection
  • 100% cotton terry insulation


Now $21.00
Was $42.00

AGA Cookware Textiles | SAG-W3136

Iconic Pot Grab

  • Steam and grease barrier for maximum protection
  • Features full terry cotton insulation with steam and grease barrier
  • Gives a sure grip


Now $12.50
Was $25.00

AGA Cookware Textiles | SAG-W1243BLK

Extra Long Oven Mitt – Black
Reach right into the AGA ovens! Extremely comfortable with a shaped palm hold for easier and stronger grip. Also featuring an integrated steam and grease barrier.


Now $37.00
Was $74.00

AGA Bake-O-Glide | SAG-W2008

Insulated Cover Splash Guard
Designed to fit the inside of the AGA Insulated Cover, this Splash Guard provides surperb protection keeping your cover clean. Easy to clean due to non-stick properties, this is a must-have for every AGA owner. Reusable and dishwasher safe. Includes one splash guard.


Now $31.50
Was $63.00

AGA Cookware Textiles | SAG-W1813BLK

14″ Diameter Chef’s Pad
Multi-purpose Chef’s Pads are perfect atop your AGA insulated covers. These cream and black pad covers help pans retain heat while protecting the polished stainless surface of each insulated cover.


Now $22.00
Was $44.00

AGA Chrome & Steel Cleaner
Non-Smear. 6.7 oz/ 200mL


Now $15.50
Was $31.00

AGA Ceramic Hob Cleaner
High quality and effective cleaner. 10oz


Now $9.00
Was $18.00