MARVEL 15" Clear Ice Machine | 30im**

Ice Makers

Marvel Refrigeration is Handcrafted in America

Clear Ice Makers

Quiet operation and unrivaled clarity

The quietest ice maker you can buy, Marvel Clear Ice Machines are quieter than most dishwashers.

Our fractional freezing process removes dissolved solids for pure, clear ice that won’t impart flavor to your drinks. Other “clear ice” makers reuse residual water with high impurity content.

Engineered to the perfect size, shape and density, Marvel Clear Ice immediately cools and melts slower, while taking up less space in your glass.

New Eco Ice™ and Vacation/Delay Start modes conserve up to 25% water and electricity.

Marvel 15 inch Crescent Ice Maker | 25IM**

Crescent Ice Makers

Marvel Crescent Ice Machines are an economical choice with more installation flexibility, as a drain is not required. Cool your drinks faster without affecting the flavor with Marvel Ice Makers.